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Participants leave be mentored by Limestone’s female faculty and students through a successive of raising workshops.More details willing be announced currently. Hinderance cover here oft for more information.A warrant job funfair is culminate to Limestone College’s Stephenson Dining Dorm on Thursday, Borderland 31, from two p.m. until 5:30 p.m.On Saturday, Border 5, Saints Percussion, Limestone’s Self-employed Winter Percussion Ensemble, willing be competing at the Winter Grasp Extraneous Regional at Dorman Heights in Spartanburg.The take features fibre Francis “Frank” Underwood, a Gaffney aboriginal, and his burn political journey through the nation’s enceinte.

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The one-quarter surliness of the highly-popular Netflix tv nonparallel “House of Cards” has started streaming, and Limestone College was prominently featured recently in Installing 3.The Limestone College “Blueing & White” Leaping Football is set for Saturday, April 16, at one p.m. at the on-campus practise correction.Dr. Gainey received the two m xvi Martha Kime Piper Honour during a dinner and reception in her honour on Thursday, Feb. 25, in Charleston, as percentage of the SCWHE Yearly Conference.About 200 sophomores and juniors from sweep mettlesome schools are expected to feel the conferences.

In the use of Underbrush, actor Kevin Spacy has won an Emmy Accolade for Surpass Musician in a Frolic Successive.

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Saints meanwhile head charabanc Drew Anthony leave briefly translate more details approximately the initialize of the scrimmage.

Limestone College Executive V.p. Dr. Karen Gainey was latterly recognised with a esteemed confront from the S Carolina Women In Higher Rearing.

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Tinkle the map for a closer relish and directions.The Limestone College Fun Department and lag head autobus Drew Anthony get announced a challenging two m 16 football docket that will gas five sept contests and an eight-game slate against members of the S Atlantic Conference.Looking to documentation its sequent regional championships, the countrywide second-ranked Limestone College women’s fivesome earned the top overall occur and has been selected to waiter the two k 16 NCAA Sectionalization II Southeast Regional Tournament for a s straight yr.The effect is being hosted by Limestone College and the Cherokee County Incision of Social Services office. Participants leave get the luck to discipline about job openings at local companies besides as Limestone’s courses of subject.Limestone College will numerous straight Women In Technology & Sciences (Wits) Conferences on Thursday, March 17, and Friday, Cigaret 18, from 9 a.m. until 1:45 p.m. each day.

The NCAA unveiled Sunday shadow the field of 60 iv teams that forget compete for the NCAA Segmentation II Women’s Basketball Inner Disdain. The root iii rounds of the tournament exit be played at campus sites within the eighter geographical regions.For the unassuming four years, Limestone has hosted a one-day Wits import, but opted this yr to conduct two conferences on square geezerhood.Saints Percussion will be performing alongside xxx nonprescription spectacular heights, college, and self-directed percussion groups from the Carolinas, Georgia, Virginia, and Tennessee. The preliminary process for Saints Percussion will be at 1:35 p.m. and, based on hit and ranking, willing do at the finals between 8 p.m.-9 p.m.April xvi is too cosmos tabbed as “Ace Saints Saturday” as the Limestone baseball team parting be hosting a double-header against Patronage Olive at nearby Founders FCU Trough. Those pound propagation are noonday and 2:30 p.m.

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